You ARE Worthy

Very often in #business, we tend to forget our own #power. We lose (or never have) #confidence in ourselves. As a result, our #goals most likely won’t get met.

For example, we may want a certain number of clients so we can grow our business to help others and make a good income at it. But if we forget our own power, our results will not match our desires.

And we can get frustrated and ask—why not me? Why don’t I see the results I want in my business? It’s because we feel that we’re not worth it. Maybe we feel inferior—that killer of dreams, comparison-itis, is insidious and destructive.

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Here’s the bottom line: We are at this point in our lives because we DESERVE to be #successful. We just need to believe it.

When your confidence is low, look at this image and repeat what it says to yourself. Because it’s the truth!

Do it several times a day if you need to!

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11 thoughts on “You ARE Worthy”

  1. I think we can all use this reminder! Self-love and self-worth are a continued journey. When we DO step into it with two feet – the world starts to reflect that. Some days are easier than others! Thanks for this!!

    1. I love this perspective Jenny! Self-love and self-worth are indeed a continued journey. Sometimes we stumble, sometimes we make great strides. As long as we keep going down the path with two feet, we are on the best path for ourselves! πŸ’–

    1. Great point Barb! Agreed, self-worth is crucial in all areas of life. We are SO worthy that we can give ourselves an amazing life! Thanks for your wise comment.

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