Our Mission

I know all too well what it's like being the best-kept secret in the health or self-help world. It's not as rosy as it sounds. The struggle to find a combination of ideal clients AND a steady income is real.

I can help shorten your learning curve significantly by working with you to create a plan of action that will get you RESULTS.


Meet Genevieve Kohn, owner of Inner Power Media

(Pronounced JE-nuh-veev KAHN)

What separates me from others in my field is that I work closely with business owners to find and attract their target audience in a way that matches their goals so that they can work with the people they’re truly meant to serve.

I will help you get laser-focused. The Universe likes speed and certainty. Your results will come more easily as a result. (Yes, I am a little woo-woo!)

Get the support and tools you’re looking for to be seen—so you can continue to grow your business!

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Genevieve Kohn is an Abundant Entrepreneur Guide for Health and Self-Help Businesses. She has been in the health and wellness fields for 27 years and also uses her energy-healing training, business coaching and digital marketing training to help business owners get clear on what they can do to grow with authenticity and focus.

As the co-host of the popular podcast Reclaim Your Health, she has created a powerful online community of supportive women who are consciously living the life of their dreams with her friend Dr. Rachel Haviland. To learn more about Reclaim Your Health, visit http://reclaimyourhealth.us.

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